Free entrance for all

In the library you can read and borrow books for all ages, concerning all kinds of subjects, consult magazines and newspapers, and navigate on internet. You can study, search the catalogue and take part in various kinds of initiatives and encounters. You can also find magazines and books in foreign languages, and courses on learning Italian and other languages.

Children and adolescents
The Library has special sections on children’s and adolescents’ interests, with books and videos for different ages.
The Delfini library also has an area for infants from 0 to 3 years of age, plus a Pit Stop zone for breast-feeding and changing nappies.

Registration is free of charge, and allows you to:
• borrow books, DVDs and music CDs
• watch films (only in the Delfini Library)
• listen to music (only in the Delfini Library)
• navigate in internet
• write on library PCs, save the text on USB drives

Documents for registration
In order to register you must show one of the following documents:
• identity card
• passport
• driving license
• valid residency permit

Registration Card
This is a personal document, which has no expiry date and can be used in all libraries in Modena.
Minors under 16 need the authorisation of a parent or a legal tutor.

You may borrow up to 10 items at a time, including books and other documents, a maximum of 3 music CDs and a maximum of 2 DVDs.
Book loans are for a maximum of 30 days, CD and DVD loans for a maximum of 7 days.

Self-service borrowing units
(only at the Delfini Library)
The self-service borrowing units allow you to autonomously borrow and return up to10 items at a time, to check your bookings, extend loans and print a reminder of the operations you have carried out.

Loan suspension
Loans are suspended when an item has not been returned within 30 days.
The suspension is cancelled when the item is returned and a 13 euro fine is paid.
If books, CDs or DVDs are lost or damaged, speak to a member of the library staff.

Navigate on internet
You can navigate on internet in the library using:
• your own cellphone, PC or tablet, via the Modena Wi-Fi service (freely, without charge and without time limits)
• the library internet position, for 1 hour per day (provided you have registered, showing a valid identity document, and authenticating yourself with the credentials provided by the library).
• Teenagers aged from 16 to 18 can navigate on the library internet if authorised by a parent or a legal tutor; children up to 14 may only use the websites proposed by librarians.

Limits to internet navigation
Visiting websites that are pornographic, that violate human rights, or preach violence, is forbidden.
Anyone not respecting this rule will be banned from using the internet service.

A window onto the world

If you have registered with the Modena Libraries, you can access the online portal: this offers, without any charge, newspapers and magazines in all major languages, plus music, videos, audiobooks and e-books.
To access this service you must:
• select ‘Provincia di Modena’ in the field marked ENTE (meaning Institution)
• click near the bottom on ‘BM BiblioMo. Polo Bibliotecario Modenese SBN’ and then again on ‘BM BiblioMo’
• insert your Username (the code on your registration card provided by the library) and Password (for the first access this must be your date of birth in the day/month/year format)